Acceptable reasons for backdating jsa

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Most Job Centres now seem to offer you only 0845 telephone numbers to make your initial inquiry about signing on.

After nine months doing a maternity-cover job, I am back on the dole and have more stories to share. If you are unemployed, and about to claim JSA (jobseeker’s allowance), you might like to be aware of them too.

My local Job Centre is only two minutes away but they also only have a couple of phones and are usually occupied by people who have had the same idea.

Note that at a Job Centre you will have no privacy either. If you have Internet access at home, don’t bother with the phone: apply for your JSA online – you can do this now on the Directgov site.

A fundamental qualifying condition for Jobseekers Benefit is that you must be available for full time work.

To qualify for JB a person must have: At least 104 PRSI contributions paid since they started work.

So if you finish work on Friday, get into your local office on Monday.

Plenty of people I know live in shared houses with their friends and partner, why should they be denied JSA when the housemates who aren’t in a sexual relationship would be eligible?At least 39 PRSI contributions in 2007 (at least 13 of these must be paid)OR26 contributions paid in both 20.To qualify for JB, a person must be unemployed for at least 3 days in 6 and must suffer a substantial loss of employment and be available for work and looking for work.These are numbers that are supposedly charged at the same rate as a local call from a BT landline but can cost a small fortune if you rely on mobile phones. COM, and search for a cheaper standard telephone number, or even a free one.Remember: it takes 30 minutes or more to apply for JSA on the phone. Not all Job Centres are listed on that site though, so if you can’t find your local one, try option 3 below. Borrow the phones from your local Job Centre Plus: if you have the stamina and patience, that is.

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