Cannabis legalised for intimidating looking people

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20 were both incredibly important years for marijuana legalization.

A growing field of research suggests that medical cannabis can be used for opiate replacement therapy and as a safer substitute for prescription painkillers, resulting in dramatic drops in dependency, overdose deaths and hospitalizations.

"When we ended the prohibition of alcohol, Al Capone was out of work the next day," says Stephen Downing, Los Angeles' former Deputy Chief of Police.

"Our drug policy is really anti-public safety and pro-cartel, pro-street gang, because it keeps them in business." Marijuana trafficking represents a significant chunk of business for black-market cartels.

Yet it's the flowers of specially bred female cannabis plants which most people think of when it comes to the word “cannabis.” The flowers of potent strains of cannabis are grown, harvested, dried and cured to become the buds that can be used to vaporize, smoke, eat (via edibles) or otherwise processed for recreational or medical marijuana purposes.

Dried & Cured Flowers of a Female Cannabis Plant "Sinsemilla" - potent cannabis buds without seeds Maybe you're like me a few years ago.

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