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I am using the Update feature of the SQLData Source to update a SQL Server database with values entered into the gridview. I believe this is due to the controls that contain the user entries are not the gridview itself, but rather child controls within the gridview.I have been using the names of the actual controls but nothing happens.Upon submit, the screen returns blank, and the database is not updated.I have the following code below in my Grid View1_Row Updating event. Maybe after midnight today, or sometime this weekend. When I go to configure the datasource for my Object Data Source, on my first screen where I designate the business object, my dropdownlist is blank. Turns out getting the DAL, BLL, and the Object Data Souce in place, did the trick. Tracing the code, using both methods above, the value of the textbox is not being passed back; it doesn't appear in the newvalues either. Textbox'sorry my fault: Try this Dim index As Integer = Convert. Command Argument) Dim my Selected Row As Grid View Row = Grid View2.

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get textbox value gridview rowupdating-36

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I do have a Update Products method in my business logic class which is ties into the data class. Once I got that in place, the dropdownlist populated. I haven't had many problems with gridview, but this one has thrown me. Enabled = allow Admin Edit End If Dim price As Text Box = CType(e. Read Only = Not allow Admin Edit End If //some more columns enabled/disabled too End If 0 Then Return If e. When I load the Grid View I show the short text field as a Link Button and the long text field as an invisible Tepl Ate Field. Find Control("Label1") Runtime Error: Unable to cast object of type 'System. When I click on the Link Button I need to retrieve the long text. Text); Unfortunately, it looks like I'm getting the value prior to the edit. Let's say the column value is 15 before I click the update button. To String() also, but that might have got me a blank string instead. If you find a solution, or if the above helps, please let me know. My guess is that if you can get the Gridview has a Currency Manager somehow attached, then you can probably get the values from it.

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