Intelligent sexchat bot

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I haven’t tested her (because female gender bots were not my primary goal to start with) and, hence, I’m not able to attest.

Anyway, these examples set the kind of AI companion I was after.

The most important units of AIML are: There are also 20 or so additional more tags often found in AIML files, and it's possible to create your own so-called "custom predicates". In any case, if this category is called, it will produce the response "I am the latest result in artificial intelligence..." shown above. However, Google search for “romance chat bots”, “boyfriend bots” and alike spits out a big portion of plain and boring sex chat bots.I haven’t bothered checking them so I don’t know whether they offer a male persona.An excellent feature in Foreign Policy magazine this month got me thinking about what the true threat with AI is, and there seems to be more than one.First the threat to jobs is real, and it's weighted more heavily towards women.

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