Niall matter and erica cerra dating

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Like, I’m sure she wouldn’t be at home cooking and I do. I do believe that women should have any right to do whatever they want, but I do still believe that it’s the best person for the job.

Not trying to get into any arguments with anybody about this, but I do believe that there’s a fine line.

Erica Cerra, who plays Jo, the town’s intense deputy sheriff, on the series, was naturally taken aback by the news.

Erica Cerra: Definite shock, and then of course sadness sank in.

THR: What insight can you give fans on why Syfy pulled the final six-episode season order?

Cerra took some time out from her shooting schedule to give THR and the show’s fans some clarity on the network's decisions and what she’s looking forward to as the series wraps its final episodes.

The Hollywood Reporter: What was the general feel and reaction on-set after the news broke?

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