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That's why a Dutch nonprofit called Women on Waves has made it their mission to sail women seeking abortions into international waters, where they're given a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol pills to medically induce an end their pregnancies.

As reported by Huff Post, Women on Waves' 36-foot sailboat makes its way more than 12 miles off the coast of various countries, and at that point the laws of its country's flag ― Austria ― are enforced.

As a man of self-made success, he wants the best return on his investment in business and in love.

If you were always wondering how it feels to practice yoga when the sun is peachy pink in a soft blue sky while cruising along the Greek coast, you should definitely rent a boat as beautiful as Running on Waves.

The legality of the performance of abortion in Brazil is governed by the Brazilian Penal Code, dating from 1940.

Under the Code, a physician may perform an abortion when it is the only means to save the life of the pregnant woman or when the pregnancy is the result of rape.

Founded in 2005, Women on Web is an online service which allows women to request medical abortions by post after they have undergone a consultation with a doctor online.He is a sophisticated gentleman who seeks a woman with drive that parallels his own.His affluent lifestyle calls for a confident woman with intelligence and charm.In Austria, abortions are permitted during the first three months of pregnancy.Per Huff Post, the boat sailed off the coast of Mexico last month and provided abortions for several Mexican citizens.

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